WhatsApp is reportedly working on two new features these days – ‘Join Missed Calls’ and ‘Biometric Lock’. It has been informed in the report that both these features have been seen in the beta version update. With the help of ‘Join Missed Calls’ feature, users can be a part of missed group calls. How To Clean Red Kool Aid The Worst Carpet Stain Ever Daisy Maids. Step #2 - Change display name. The Phone Numbers section will show your phone numbers associated with your WhatsApp Business Profile. There, go the column Name. When you move. Go to Google Play Store and download Perfect Player IPTV. Please follow the 14 steps. 1 – Open Perfect Player. 2 – Go to Settings. 3 – Now you are in the Settings page, go to General. 4 – Go to Playlist and enter Your URL and add by name ALL IPTV once you are done click OK. 5 – Go to EPG. 6 – Enter your EPG URL after done click OK.

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